Looking for a new workout belt to add to your workouts? Our new fitness belt is it! This workout waist cincher offers support and shaping for a beautiful silhouette. Mesh fabric in the back allows for breathability in your workout. Four acrylic bones provide unparalleled support in a waist cincher with the versatility required by your most vigorous workout.

*Reduce unwanted inches from your abdomen with regular wear. With sweating and compression that the belts provides it stimulates the excess water weight to flush from your midsection. Firm compression helps prevent your midsection from expanding.

*Relieve aching lower back and protect it during your exercise routine. Unique design provides for perfect compression and support. Firm and stretchy materials will hold you in and the supporting rods in the back with ensure the belt stays up during your activities.

*Wear it under any clothing. Designed with thin and breathable material, this fitness belt can be worn for sports as well as any other daily activities. Your lower back and abdomen will be well supported - unique design of this waist trimmer belt provides proper alignment in your core muscles and lower back.

*Correct Posture and provide support for the Lumbar area. Unique design features adjustible sizing and custom firmness setting for the most benefit. With adjustable compression level, you can prevent lower back injuries while lifting weights and keep your spine aligned.


SMALL 23.5-27.5 inch waistline
MEDIUM 27.5-32 inch waistline
LARGE 32-36 inch waistline
XLARGE 36-40 inch waistline
2XL 40-44 inch waistline