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Image of Leopard Waist Cincher

Leopard Waist Cincher

Our Leopard Print Waist Cincher is designed to control, slim and shape your silhouette through compression and perspiration, this innovative waist minimizer transforms your shape in ultimate reliable style. Showcasing two fun animal prints, this fashion-forward shapewear is ideal to be worn for daily wear or during exercise so you can multitask and get optimal results at the same time. The waist cincher creates an hourglass shape from the moment you put it on and continues to work hard while you go about your day and night.

Crafted from natural latex rubber with a soft stretch cotton interior lining, the animal print cincher features lightweight, flexible boning and three columns of comfortable hook-and-eye closures.


Controls and slims waist and abdomen through compression and perspiration
Helps to correct posture
Accentuates hourglass shape
Prevents muffin top and love handles
Reduces up to 4 inches on your waistline

Strapless torso cincher
Three columns of hook-and-eye closures
Flexible boning
Choose from two colorful animal print patterns

Image of Leopard Waist Cincher
Image of Leopard Waist Cincher
Image of Leopard Waist Cincher